Lead Generation &
Qualification for Advisors

Discover by Orion equips advisors with a powerful way to qualify
leads, provide insight and start meaningful conversations.

Interactive Form Builder

Discover comes equipped with an interactive form builder built around the key questions that advisors ask – helping qualify prospects and uncover the key details that will guide your consultation.



We see Discover as a key utility in your sales and marketing funnel. As such, Discover helps you easily view your leads and seamlessly sync them into Salesforce.com.

Account Integration

Discover allows your prospects to easily enter their account details to provide a real-time portfolio snapshot – allowing for precise portfolio analysis.

HoldingScan Technology

Provide key insight on portfolios through Discover’s HoldingScan technology. Provide look throughs to help measure diversification relative to market conditions and client situations in seconds.

Embeddable Calls to Action & Commentary

Discover provides you with easy to deploy landing pages, allowing you to easily create a page and draw visitors to your Discover page, surrounded by your personalized information and commentary.

Built for Advisors

As a product of Orion Advisor Services, LLC, Discover is built by a leading team in advisor services and technology. We built Discover to address the specific needs of growing advisory firms.  

Unique Questions. Simple Deployment.


Build Custom Questionnaires

Every advisory firm is unique. Ask unique questions that speak to your expertise and engage more effectively without the fluff that prospects normally see.


Easily Deploy to Your Website

We made implementation as simple as possible. Advisors can copy and paste the Discover embed code into a web page and be off and going within minutes.


Measure Results

Discover comes with built in analytics helping your firm easily track success and lead frequency.


Stimulate Your Salesforce Leads

Leads from Discover can sync automatically into your Salesforce. Collect new leads and nurture them through your CRM.

Your Website. More Productive.


Make Your Website More Useful

Discover allows advisors to make their current website more effective as a marketing tool. Route visitors to your Discover form and prospects can begin engaging right away.


Collect Key Contact Information

Gather key information to help you contact and engage your prospects in an effective and relevant way.


Create a Quality Financial Profile

Discover allows you to create a simple, easy to understand scorecard, providing your prospects a gauge on their current situation.


Deliver Helpful Insight

Discover provides key insight to identify imbalance and warning signs that can help advisors provide key insight that can impact prospective clients positively.  

Craft Meaningful Conversations.



Craft Easy Introductions

Using your Discover scorecard, you can easily guide your prospective clients through an analysis of their current financial status.


Provide Value

Discover provides information that benefits both the prospect and the advisor.


Help Others

At the end of the day Orion finds inspiration by looking to those who are seeking an advisor that aligns with their values, philosophy and long term goals.